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The very first UK Bitcoin robbery occurred when four armed men broke into a home and forced a crypto trader to transfer a “fortune” in Bitcoin. The meteoric rise of Bitcoin over the course of 2017 featured a number of positive effects. Bitcoin’s resistance below $10,000 is increasingly frustrating a lot of experts, traders and speculators. In the latest list of factors that will help BTC break its months’ long resistance, Binance CEO CZ thinks that given the current global financial situation, Bitcoin only needs time. Speaking to Bloomberg’s Market and Finance, CZ said that Bitcoin has been relatively stable ... Bitcoin falls short of the Binance Coin which performed nearly double than Bitcoin’s upsurge. Binance got a one hundred and twenty-three (123%) boost in its performance. The native token to the Biance exchange, Binance Coin, makes it easy for traders to make trades, pay for services, and buy amenities with reduced cost on the grid. The Binance currency exchange was hacked, and users who worked with the exchange through the API were robbed. Such rumors came from users of Reddit. The incident occurred on the morning of the 7th of March, and according to some unofficial statements, the loss amount was $30 billion. The Binance exchange, which stores Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies for members, said hackers took 7,000 bitcoins in one go. Withdrawals have now been suspended on the platform. Cryptocurrency trading hub Binance, one of the world’s largest, has confirmed it lost about 7,000 Bitcoins (around $40 million) to hackers after its so-called “hot wallet,” i.e. one ... Indeed, shortly before the transfer, attackers robbed a startup and the police might become interested in large transfers in cryptocurrency. But at the moment more than 2 years have passed since the events. However, there is no concrete result. Binance still has not returned the money. And has not provided the original appeal to the police. So, quite possibly, the company is really playing a ...

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